Project Profile: Woodland

Our CNU California Chapter, in collaboration with the City of Woodland, the County Fair Mall owners, and the greater community, will hosted our annual By-Design-Charrette to plan for the Suburban Retrofit of Woodland’s County Fair Mall from Friday September 29th through Tuesday October 2nd.  The plan’s goals are to help attract the necessary investment and development interest to create a walkable, mixed- used center for living, shopping and working within the boundaries of the existing Mall site.   We held an open design studio within the Mall and held public meetings there throughout the charrette.

Woodland 3D Model

Final Design Concept

Woodland County Fair Mall Retrofit Plan guided by NCI charrette process

In the U.S., e-commerce will likely comprise 25 percent of total retail within six short years. In less than 20 years, mall and retail center shopping will disappear as our …

Charrette Project Overview

The CNU-California Chapter hosts an annual CNU-By-Design charrette program that provides educational and membership engagement opportunities statewide. The Charrette is an interactive, multi-day workshop that helps the sponsoring city visualized …

What We Heard

Our team met with the following stakeholders prior to and during the public charrette to gather background information, memories and expectations for the area:   City Community Development Staff City …

What We Saw

We experienced a reinvigorated Main Street, new commercial power centers on the I-5 interchanges, new housing in the southeast corner of town, beautiful older housing stock in the neighborhoods adjacent …

Our Approach

County Fair Fashion Mall has been identified as special study area in the City’s zoning ordinance update. These types of regional malls are failing across the nation. Just as many …

Design Concepts

Our team worked closely together with residents to formulate three overarching ideas to provide a vision for the site for design, coding and then implementation. Using our place-proven new urbanist …

Village Center

To transform County Fair Mall into an urban village center, we envision a phased approach that begins with building housing on the southern half of the property on the empty …

Proforma – Mixed Land Uses

A neighborhood-scaled mixed-use village center shifts the land use square footage from vacant retail to housing, retail and office. Missing middle housing is an urgent need in Woodland at price …

Street Network

Illustration of Boulevard ‘Slip Lanes‘ that allow for seamless transit flow into the thoroughfare. A mid-block crossing would allow for direct access from the transit station/stop into the Village Center. …

Mobility Network

Woodland is relatively compact compared to other suburban communities in the Sacramento region, making transit, walking, and bicycling viable. However, automobiles will remain the primary mode of travel in the …

Form Based Code

Form-based codes substitute building height, setbacks and other parameters for Floor-Area-
Ratios (FAR), a measure of how much square footage can be built on a given piece of land.

Market Considerations

CNU-California Member, Richard Hunt of Peloton Research Partners, conducted an initial market review for the prospects for new mixed‐use development at the County Fail Mall site. We examined the existing …

Implementation Strategies

Short-Term Steps Near-term steps that maintain and increase options for the mall’s repositioning should be favored strongly over those that may limit options. For example, signing only short-term leases (one-year …

Implementation Summary

Offsite Enhancement to Attract and Leverage Investment County Fair Mall’s adjacency to an active regional rail line is a particularly exciting opportunity for the introduction of passenger rail service to …

Market and Implementation Tactics

The following are a collection of ideas prepared by CNU-California Member, Scott Watkins, to serve as a short-term plan to increase the mall’s economic activity, decrease vacancy rates, and increase …

Howard M. Blackson III

Studio Director, AVRP Skyport

Matt Shannon

Principal/Founder, Urbanus Group, LLC

Peter Quintanilla

Urban Design Studio Leader, Michael Baker International

Christos Hardt

Architectural Designer, Miller Architectural Corp

Jennifer Daugherty

Senior Associate, Lisa Wise Consulting

Mario Suarez, AICP CNUa

Planning Manager, City of Colton

Roy Prince

Architect, Oxnard Community Planning Group

Aurelio Ocampo, Jr.

Film Writer/DirectorThe Oxnard Community Planning Group

Steve Coyle

Deputy Director of Community Development, City of Woodland

Steve Lawton

Retail Consultant, Main Street Property Services, Inc.

Scott Watkins

Principal, Buildaberg

Dan Zack

Assistant Director, City of Fresno

Doris Goldstein

Principal, Mixed-use Walkable Development

Erik Watkins

Urban Planning

Lois Fisher, Urban Designer

CEO, Fisher Town Design

Dave Alden

Executive Director, Petaluma Urban Chat

William Glover

Founder, Ethnic Environment

Cynthia van Empel

Senior Planner, City of Modesto

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