Project Profile: Oxnard

Our CNU California Chapter, in collaboration with the City of Oxnard, and the greater community, will hosted our annual By-Design-Charrette to plan for the inclusion of mixed-use, walkable new urbanism projects to help infill underutilized space in downtown Oxnard from January 29th through February 2nd 2016.  The plan’s goals are to help attract the necessary investment and development interest to create a walkable, mixed- used center for living, shopping and working within downtown Oxnard.   We held an open design studio and held public meetings there throughout the charrette.

Engaging Public Participation

Final Design Concept

A Brief History of Downtown Oxnard

Like so many California towns – from San Francisco to San Diego – Oxnard began as a railhead for the export of agricultural produce to markets in the East. Recruited …

Oxnard – The Charrette Process

CNU-California Annual By-Design Charrette The CNU-CA hosts an annual By-Design charrette program that provide educational and membership outreach opportunities statewide. The charrette is designed to advise a city that requests …

Oxnard Public Participation

Local citizens led several events. We held the first charrette New Urbanism Film Festival on Saturday night at the local Plaza Theater with over 100 attendees. A pop-up studio space, …

Oxnard – Walking Tour

On Sunday, January 31, at 10:30 AM, approximately twenty CNU participants conducted a walking tour of Oxnard’s historic Downtown. Led by Gary Blum, Director of the Downtown Oxnard Merchants Association, …

Oxnard SWOT Analysis

Based on dozens of interviews, research and in-field studies, the following SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis highlights several the key opportunities and challenges relevant to the revitalization and …

Oxnard – Downtown Vision Plan

Over the course of five days, based on community input, analysis and design studies, the Charrette Team outlined a vision for the future of the Downtown emphasizing a human-scale, pedestrian-oriented, …

Rethink the Boulevard as a Public Space

Rethink the Boulevard as a Public Space Oxnard Boulevard has always been much more a highway than an urban boulevard. From the beginning, Oxnard Boulevard and First Street were primary …

3rd Street Bridge – Gateway Transformation

Greet Visitors with New 3rd St Gateway The Third Street bridge is perhaps Downtowns largest piece of infrastructure, providing much needed safety improvement and allowing the construction of the Oxnard …

Define Oxnard Boulevard Gateways

Define Gateways at 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th With Oxnard Boulevard finally under the City’s control, the strategy for using it as an effective conduit to bring increasing numbers of …

A Street: The Main Street of Downtown

A Street has always been the primary retail street of Downtown and is expected to remain so. In its early days it had the advantages of direct access from Five …

Oxnard Colonia Road | Bicycle Connectivity

To the north of the recommended 3rd Street bridge and library gateway, Deodar Avenue and Palm Drive offer a different type of gateway to A Street. They were originally configured …

Oxnard Plaza Park

The Plaza Park has unquestionably been the heart of Oxnard and the heart of its Downtown from the town’s beginnings until now. The two most distinctive structures in Oxnard – …

Plaza Park Infill Development

In its heyday in the 1920s, the Plaza Park was surrounded by fine, multi-story brick buildings and was a center of Oxnard’s commercial and civic life. Some buildings were lost …

Downtown Oxnard – Arts Hub

Successful economic revitalization models promote the role of art hubs in stimulating innovation and spearheading re-investment. Downtown Oxnard has an opportunity to attract development dependent upon an arts culture. Restaurants, …

Oxnard – Infill Development

Building Types and Massing As part of the 1991 Plaza Park Master Plan, a draft formbased development code was prepared for the entire Downtown area. We believe this existing code …

Downtown Parking Strategy

2009 Downtown Oxnard Mobility and Parking Management Plan Highlights Mobility and Parking Management Plan was developed to help the City accomplish the following goals: Ensure good access to the Downtown …

Key Findings

Downtown Oxnard is the City’s historic heart and contains the highest intensity of community life in the region. Downtown is Oxnard’s traditional gathering place for festivals, events, and commercial activities, …

Goals, Actions and Tactics

Intent These recommendations are organized to iteratively build upon each other over the next 10 years. With measurable objectives, we recommend testing, planning and re-planning to reposition Downtown as a compelling …

Implementation Thresholds

The goals is to build downtown housing in multiple locations, including micro units, to create much-needed additional residential units. Very high apartment rent rates reflect an under-supplied market and may …

Funding Mechanisms

Community partnerships are essential to implement this plan, and will need to pull from a number of various entities to create structures to trigger the variety of funding sources. And, …

Oxnard CNU-by-Design Charrette Participants

Dao Doan

Senior Principal, Main Street Architects and Planners

Howard M. Blackson III

Studio Director, AVRP Skyport

Matt Shannon

Principal/Founder, Urbanus Group, LLC

Peter Quintanilla

Urban Design Studio Leader, Michael Baker International

David Sargent

Principal Urban Planner / Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Peter Vanderwal

Senior Urban Planner / Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Yuan Liu

Urban Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Gabriel Barreras

Urban Planner, Sargent Town Planning

Paul Crabtree

President, Crabtree Group, Inc

Lauren Mattern

Senior Associate, Nelson\Nygaard

Christos Hardt

Architectural Designer, Miller Architectural Corp

Lisa Wise

President, Lisa Wise Consulting

Henry Pontarelli

Vice President, Lisa Wise Consulting

Menka Sethi

Director, Lisa Wise Consulting

Jennifer Daugherty

Senior Associate, Lisa Wise Consulting

Jodie Sackett

Senior Planner, LA County

Todd Lansing

Principal, Creo | Landscape Architecture

Mario Suarez, AICP CNUa

Planning Manager, City of Colton

Dean Gunderson

Urban Designer, City of Spokane

Josh Paget

Festival Director, New Urbanism Film Festival

Jack Kiesel

Landscape Architect, Kiesel Design

Roy Prince

Architect, Oxnard Community Planning Group

Aurelio Ocampo, Jr.

Film Writer/DirectorThe Oxnard Community Planning Group