Project Profile: Oxnard

Our CNU California Chapter, in collaboration with the City of Oxnard, and the greater community, will hosted our annual By-Design-Charrette to plan for the inclusion of mixed-use, walkable new urbanism projects to help infill underutilized space in downtown Oxnard from January 29th through February 2nd 2016.  The plan’s goals are to help attract the necessary investment and development interest to create a walkable, mixed- used center for living, shopping and working within downtown Oxnard.   We held an open design studio and held public meetings there throughout the charrette.

Engaging Public Participation

Final Design Concept

Oxnard CNU-by-Design Charrette Participants

Dao Doan

Senior Principal, Main Street Architects and Planners

Howard M. Blackson III

Studio Director, AVRP Skyport

Matt Shannon

Principal/Founder, Urbanus Group, LLC

Peter Quintanilla

Urban Design Studio Leader, Michael Baker International

David Sargent

Principal Urban Planner / Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Peter Vanderwal

Senior Urban Planner / Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Yuan Liu

Urban Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Gabriel Barreras

Urban Planner, Sargent Town Planning

Paul Crabtree

President, Crabtree Group, Inc

Lauren Mattern

Senior Associate, Nelson\Nygaard

Christos Hardt

Architectural Designer, Miller Architectural Corp

Lisa Wise

President, Lisa Wise Consulting

Henry Pontarelli

Vice President, Lisa Wise Consulting

Menka Sethi

Director, Lisa Wise Consulting

Jennifer Daugherty

Senior Associate, Lisa Wise Consulting

Jodie Sackett

Senior Planner, LA County

Todd Lansing

Principal, Creo | Landscape Architecture

Mario Suarez, AICP CNUa

Dean Gunderson

Urban Designer, City of Spokane

Josh Paget

Festival Director, New Urbanism Film Festival

Jack Kiesel

Landscape Architect, Kiesel Design

Roy Prince

Architect, Oxnard Community Planning Group

Aurelio Ocampo, Jr.

Film Writer/DirectorThe Oxnard Community Planning Group