Project Profile: Newport Beach

Our CNU California Chapter, in collaboration with the City of Newport Beach, and the greater community, will hosted our annual By-Design-Charrette focusing on our national ‘Highways-to-Boulevards’ initiative from October 17th through October 21st.  The plan’s goals are to hgathering public input on design techniques to improve vehicular flow, pedestrian experience, and bicycle access.  We held an open design studio within the Mariner’s Mile district and held public meetings there throughout the charrette.

Engaging Public Participation

Final Design Concept

Newport Beach Project Overview

CNU-CA ANNUAL BY-DESIGN CHARRETTE The CNU-CA hosts an annual CNU-By-Design charrette program that provides educational and membership outreach opportunities statewide. The Charrette is designed to advise a city that requests …

What We Saw

Mariners’ Mile has a distinctly different pattern than Corona del Mar. The Coast Highway in Corona del Mar sits within the heart of a compact, walkable grid network of streets …

What We Learned

Mariners’ Mile, identified as special study area in the City’s General Plan, is more than a high-speed thoroughfare. Rather than seeing the entire 1.3 mile length as one type of …

The Benefits of Big Ideas

MAJOR THEMES Improve the quality-of-life in Mariners’ Mile to the level of expectation found throughout Newport Beach. This enhancement is intended to foster civic pride and a special lifestyle experience …

Newport Beach – Mariners Village

COMMUNITY CHARACTER •  Connects the waterfront to the neighborhood •  200 foot blocks create a village feel – Riverside Ave., Tustin Ave., Avon St. Extension. •  Mix of uses including …

Newport Beach – Alternative 1

BACKGROUND Our team readily admits that the first alternative is not our recommended approach. A seven (7) lane, high-speed highway that focuses on traffic flow over others safety, economic development, …

Newport Beach – Alternative 2

This is our recommended approach to balancing the competing interests in providing the region improved traffic flow with pedestrian and bicyclist safety while creating a unique walking environment with access …

Newport Beach Implementation Strategy

Implementing many key elements of this charrette report will require enabling actions by the City of Newport Beach. In sharp contrast to other areas of the City that were master-planned …

Newport Beach CNU-by-Design Charrette Participants

Dao Doan

Senior Principal, Main Street Architects and Planners

Howard M. Blackson III

Studio Director, AVRP Skyport

Matt Shannon

Principal/Founder, Urbanus Group, LLC

Peter Quintanilla

Urban Design Studio Leader, Michael Baker International

Mario Suarez, AICP CNUa

Planning Manager, City of Colton

Nori Jabba

President, Jabba Development Strategies

Kathryn Slama

Senior Associate, Lisa Wise Consulting

Paul Martin

Active Transportation Coordinator, Orange County Transportation Authority

Paul Moore

Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting

Dan Hodapp

Urban Designer, Port of San Francisco

Martin Dreilling

President, Dreiling Terrones Architecture

Daniel Dunigan

Senior Project Manager, KRDB

Samantha Singer

Urban Designer, Sargent Town Planning

Dennis Zirbel

Owner, Dennis E. Zirbel Architect

Natalie Zirbel

Interior Designer, Zirbel Architect

Steve Coyle

Deputy Director of Community Development, City of Woodland