Project Profile: Livingston

Our CNU California Chapter, in collaboration with the City of Woodland, the County Fair Mall owners, and the greater community, will hosted our annual By-Design-Charrette to plan for the Suburban Retrofit of Woodland’s County Fair Mall from Friday September 29th through Tuesday October 2nd.  The plan’s goals are to help attract the necessary investment and development interest to create a walkable, mixed- used center for living, shopping and working within the boundaries of the existing Mall site.   We held an open design studio within the Mall and held public meetings there throughout the charrette.

Livingston 3D Model

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Final Design Concept

Livingston Charrette Introduction

The California Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNUCA) The CNUCA (, a statewide 501(c)(3) member organization, launched its first, annual pro-bono community charrette in Livingston, CA June …

Overview – Neighborhoods, Districts and Corridor

Overview The City of Livingston is poised to attract a wide range of new investment over the course of the coming years. As new development continues to transform the city’s …

City Wide Strategies

Citywide Economic Prosperity To be successful, Livingston must continue to attract a wide range of new investment, and must take steps to guide new investment appropriately in support of longterm …

Growth Area – Workplace District

Location The Workplace District extends west from Winton Parkway in the northwest quadrant of the city. Urban Fabric New investment in the Workplace District should be organized as a network …

Growth Area – Agrarian Neighborhood

Location The Agrarian Neighborhood is intended to guide city growth along the southern border where it interfaces with existing farm lands. Livingston was established by virtue of its proximity to …

Growth Area – Eastern Gateway

Location The Eastern Gateway is located north of Highway 99, between Hammatt Avenue and Hunter Road, and is directly served by the Highway access via Campbell Avenue. The area was …

Growth Area – B Street Corridor

Location B Street is the primary connector between Downtown and Winton Parkway and by extension, between Downtown and Highway 99. In this regard, B street can be thought of as …

Livingston Short Term Interventions

The following list describes actions the City can take in the short term or that are already underway to begin the process to transform the Downtown into a vibrant and …

Livingston Infill Development

Physical voids along key corridors (i.e. Main St) should be filled with projects that fit in with the context. A continuous “urban wall” helps frame the setting for both pedestrians …

Civic Center Relocation

A long-term goal of the City is to expand its offices to provide a modern Civic Center that will serve the residents of Livingston and the surrounding area. By moving …

B Street – Civic Center Relocation

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Livingston Proposed Downtown Plan

Livingston CNU-by-Design Charrette Participants

Dao Doan

Senior Principal, Main Street Architects and Planners

Howard M. Blackson III

Studio Director, AVRP Skyport

Matt Shannon

Principal/Founder, Urbanus Group, LLC

Jodie Sackett

Senior Planner, LA County

Mario Suarez, AICP CNUa

Planning Manager, City of Colton

Daniel Dunigan

Senior Project Manager, KRDB

Steve Coyle

Deputy Director of Community Development, City of Woodland

Ian Ross

CEO, OppSites

Steve Lawton

Retail Consultant, Main Street Property Services, Inc.

Tristan J. Osborn

Principal, Cobblestone Placemaking

Kat Fonotova

Analyst, School Facilities Consultant

Elizabeth Romero

Transportation Planner, Solano County

John Anderson

Principal, Chico Building and Land

Scott Watkins

Principal, Buildaberg

Steve Price

Principal, Urban Advantage