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The Rise of Urban Design

Posted by Howard Blackson on 1/3/2014 - Can a system of planning commissions and design review boards which has been built up to calm conflicts between neighbors shift to create complex and human-scaled redevelopments? Rather than simply following cyclical planning and design trends, can they encourage projects which seamlessly link into their surroundings in order to reinforce both monetary and aesthetic values?

Incremental Urbanism is the Key to California's Future

Posted by Dan Zack on 12/4/2013 - While we have some great infill projects to hang our hat on, CNU became famous for large, beautiful, walkable, master-planned projects. Things have changed, though, and these opportunities are dwindling in California. California's new frontier is on small, non-contiguous infill sites within our existing towns, cities, and metropolitan areas. Can we pivot and master this new realm?